Janet C.

Early Memories of Cloth – The Red Blanket

The red blanket.  Does that answer seem childish?  Child like?  I want my blankie? Sometimes I actually do.  I was 6 or 7.  It was the blanket I had for my bed and the one I took for travelling.  Every summer my parents and siblings (2 of the 3 older brothers and 1 older sister) would take the family station wagon and drive to see the grandmothers and cousins in different parts of North Carolina from Texas.  Oldest brother had left for college already.  If you remember the Old Chrysler Station wagons they had the front seats (parents there) the middle seat (3 siblings there) and the very back seat were I was tucked away with my pillow and red blanket reading or napping.  I could always read in a car… and I was always cold.  Anemia.  Growing up in Houston, Texas I was one of the strange ones that actually like the 105o summers.

I don’t know where the blanket came from.  Sears, maybe.  I am actually surprised my Mother bought it.  Red not being her favorite color.  Red is one of my favorites so maybe I asked for it (My Blankie, Remember?)  It was the kind of blanket that had one kind of material for the weft, a soft fluffed cotton that was red and the warp was a thinner cream silky thread.  It had a kind of sheen.  The top and bottom had a binding of about two inches of a shiny cream colored polyester. The material had a softness that made you want to snuggle into it.  It was a kind of fabric that your fingers linger on.  We had a wing back chair where I used to read and tuck up with the blanket.  I used it for sitting on the floor to keep from getting cold and on my bed.  I would read under it and drag it around the yard and make forts with it.  It was with me until it literally disintegrated and strangely enough even though I have look for one like it I have never found one.  Just thinking of it makes me think of warmth and comfort.  Maybe I need to learn to weave…