Cheryl C.

My favourite piece of clothing from childhood

A difficult thing to remember!  It has been too long since my childhood :) but the only thing that comes to mind after thinking thinking thinking is a red coat with a white woolly collar and cuffs.  I remember someone saying how well red suited me.  It is interesting that there are echos of this rumbling around my psyche whenever I where something red ... although this is not often as I don't think the colour suits me in adulthood...give me an ultramarine blue any day!

I can't remember what happened to that coat but it would now have to be a 50 year old memory.  Nor how wearing it made me feel but I could imagine that there would have been an element of excitement ... because where else would you wear a red coat with white woolly bits except out to somewhere exciting and new?  

Would I wear red to go somewhere exciting now?  No Way!  My red cheeks would clash horribly.  

But I think I felt pretty.  Whereas now I am more interested in appearing confident and professional and red doesn't seem to lend itself to that image.  I wonder where that little girl went?  I don't remember her passing me by...