Ricki O.

When I was tiny, probably about 3 years old, my big aim was to learn to dress myself. Some of my dresses had a line of buttons up the front.  The hardest thing was buttoning these up all the way/

(Funny, - I still have trouble with that.  My cardigan buttons never seem to line up first time.)

On this particular day I woke up before my Mom and Dad. I got myself out of bed, I dressed myself andI buttoned myself in. I crossed into my Mom’s room to show off what I had done.  

She was delighted that I had matched all my buttons up correctly for the very first time.  I was proud of myself!

But…………. she told me that there was a little thing I had forgotten. 

I had forgotten to take my pajamas off first. I was very disappointed.  She said that I would get it right one day,  that I just had to keep trying.  

I guess there is something I can learn from my 3 year old self. After all, I did eventually learn to dress myself. I am often not good at persistence in the face of small failures in my studio work.  If I made an artwork about this it would have to a length of buttons that have been done up wrongly and it would be titled“Keep on Trying”.