Linda D.

On Becoming an Octogenarian

Having already taken this class earlier, I have written about my early experiences with cloth and, while trying to get involved with other experiences, I became aware of a deep seated emotional experiences I was currently going through and thought I would share that with all of you.

When I married by sweetie, I was 25 and he was 27. At that time my life expectancy was age 65 and his was around 63. We thought that neither one of us, let alone both of us, would live to see a Golden Wedding celebration. Now we have 54 years behind us. In two days I will become an octogenarian and DH will celebrate 82 years in August. I sometimes think to myself, “I can’t be married to at 80-year-old.” I am, but my eyes still see that 27-year-old, handsome military officer that swept me off my feet all those years ago. And soon he will be married to an 80-year-old woman. Yes, in my heart I am still that 25-year-old, young, innocent, full of life and living in awe and wonder at all around me.

I rejoice I still have him to share my life and that I still find peace and solitude in my studio working with my beloved cloth. I create art cloth for me to love, enjoy and share with my friends and family. And I am currently at Focus on Fiber in New Smyrna Beach, Florida throwing my heart and soul into being creative for the next eight days. It is easy to exercise your Artist’s Strength in this atmosphere. Just need to keep it active once I return home to my studio.