Kerstin E.


One of my first best friends was a boy that I went to play school with. Our mothers became friends and helped each other to collect us after play school. When the boy had grown to big for one of his flannel shirts it was given to me. I really loved that shirt. The flannel was so soft. It was not a traditionally pattern with squares. I remember it as the fabric was red with some grey-black strands in the weaving. The shirt had been used and washed for some time which also gave it a nice feeling. And maybe it also was something else, flannel shirts was not made for girls. Another reason for loving to have and use it. Some part of my rebel soul was alive even then! The shirt became one of my favourites and I had it a lot. But one day it was to small also for me. I don´t remember what happened with the shirt and I don´t know what happen to my friend. But I will always remember them both.

THE APARTMENT WHERE I GREW UP (and lived for 18 years)

Both assignments for this first week has really taken me down "Memory lane". It has been rather powerful. I love to look at floor-plans but have never thought about them as art. It took a long time to get the whole apartment on paper. It was a rather peculiar flat but it was suitable for my family were I was the only child. My room was the room meant for a servant. From my room there was a serving passage to the kitchen. And the kitchen was rather small. When the house was built it was meant that the people living there should have hired help. That was not the case when we lived there. I have not many photos from the place. Most photos were taken when we had guests and were in the living room. So I have tried to make a plan out of memory. This is something I feel I could work with further.