Joni L.

The first cloth memory was a garment that I made;  a white dress with yellow polka dots (Why call them polka dots?).  It had bell sleeves with a yellow facing to finish the hem of the sleeves.  I remember thinking this was quite clever & stylish.

The story goes that I wanted a new dress for Easter and we could not afford to buy a new one, so I made one. (I guess we could afford the fabric& pattern) This is the first full garment that I can remember making.  I do not know if I had constructed anything before this for myself.  I do not remember how old I was either, but should have been at least 10-14 years old because I have a memory of me in the dress and I have glasses on which had to of been at least 7th grade.  

It was made well, I had a talent of being able to read & understand how a pattern goes together.  No one had given me instructions that I remember.

I am not quite sure about the cannot afford a new dress part. I suspect that was some embellishment of the story from my mother.  Not that we were rich, we were working class people living in a small town in Ohio.  There is no one left that would know, which is sad but freeing at the same time.  I can embellish as much as I want now if I wanted.  ;-)  

With this dress I discovered that I was very good @doing something that my brother wasn’t.  ;-)  A very special moment.