Mary L.

A woven cotton bedspread worn by time and place.

As a child my fingers traced the raised threads 

of the orange, teal and brown designs over and over. 

Tracing every night and every morning.

Wondering about the odd shapes made with threads. 

Up here down there. Different on the top and back.

A stylized "X"

A man raising his arms

And something else---

A serpent? A dragon? A dinosaur bowing before man?


There were a pair of bedspreads

One for each twin bed

One upstairs 

And one down (for me)


Soft and textured still

But frayed and patched now

Only one remains.

Patched by mother using 

Her small even stitches to match 

The colored patterns designs.

Bates Bedspreads

Made in USA

Folded neatly on a shelf 

In the back of the closet

So that I can trace the shapes again.