Anne W.

The first image that instantly came to mind was of the photograph of 8/9 year old self with my little sister in our bridesmaids dresses. It was the mid 50s, it was my Aunt Lily's wedding and I was so proud of my gathered dress with its 'sticky out' underskirt, white shoes, matching circlet headdress and posy of flowers. My mum made all our dresses, but I remember a lot more talk and fuss going on around this one and how it should look. The fabric was a voile of some sort, white and scattered with tiny apricot coloured flowers. I loved it.

Interestingly a whole 'list' of other dresses from other times popped into my head then too. Some of which were, a red and white one, with a red sailor collar, gathered skirt, red spots on white. Another was a pink check voile one made from 'old' curtains for a school Christmas party. I especially loved this because it tied with a big bow at the back. Another big highlight was the first 'bought' dress I ever had, I was 12 years old and my mum took me to C&A in Glasgow. It too was pink and for a Christmas party, but it was straight! I felt so grown up that day. Some years later, another Christmas party and a dark red jersey dress with a white collar and cuffs. Home made, but this time by me. Perhaps 17 years of age? and another wedding. Mini skirts, leg of mutton sleeves. I made a pale blue very short dress. 

Finally two more significant memories came to mind. A little royal blue duffle coat I made for my 3 year old son and finally the dress I made for my daughter for her school graduation party. It was purple, strapless, boned, layered, ballerina length and she looked gorgeous in it! 

This question has really surprised me as to the lovely memories it has brought up especially given that by and large I didn't have a wonderfully happy childhood, nor did I have a particularly good relationship with my very controlling mother. 

The attached photo shows the quick 'memory' sketches I made in my notebook, of each of the garments described.