Theresa F.

Memory 1: Pink satin bridesmaids dress - my auntie Catherine's wedding.  I was 4 years old and I am trying on the dress to get the hem marked.  Never actually wore the dress as travel papers came through for assisted passage to Australia.  Still have the dress. Have never been a bride or a bridesmaid (although I was a best person for a wonderful male friend) upon learning that my mother had a different name before marrying my dad - I was horrified - could not imagine not being anyone but Theresa Facer - that is my name, it's who I am.   Decided as a 6 year old I would never get married.  

Memory 2: Lots of hand-me-downs and 2nd hand clothing as a child.  Hated it.  Lots of photos of me as a child has me in clothing that is too small/ too short or somehow too old for the child wearing it - I always look very self conscious in these pictures.  I know all the photos where I am wearing someone's else's clothes.  Never ever felt right in someone else's clothes.  Make my own clothes or buy new - never wear 2nd hand.

Additional submission - Floorplan of my childhood bedroom.

A lot of time spent in this room dreaming mostly, sewing, reading and drawing. I was very fortunate to have my own bedroom and and a refuge from the wider world. I am a person who needs time in solitude and looking back I can see how this was manifesting even as a teenager and younger.  I smile and laugh now that my parents never had any trouble getting me to go to bed in the evenings - it was my opportunity to escape the wider world and read, draw and dream.   I also wrote lots of letters in that room - and sent back to my grandmother in England, other family members and assorted penpals from all over the world.

Memory 3: An orange jumpsuit - me made - as a 16 year old.  It was awesome.  Early 80's - wore it to a school dance.  No one else had anything like it.  Could not miss me in the crowd.  I was proud of this garment.  Most complex thing I had made - zip front, mandarin collar, pockets.  It had problems - I remember doing some embroidery around a welt pocket on the front bodice - cause I had snipped too much.  I loved wearing that jumpsuit.

Reflection: at first I was a little panicked as I could not remember anything in the context to textiles/clothing and wondered - 'what am I going to write about?' Was surprised how powerful the emotional content of some of the memories are.  I did connect with memories that have been dormant for a while.