Sue W.

Garment from my Childhood

Party Dress – I was about 9 years old

Special occasion – shopping with my Uncle – up to this point my mother bought my clothes – but this time I was taken to London where I met with my Uncle in a department store –

My Mother wanted me to try on lots of pink frilly dresses (timeline late 1950’s) –

My uncle asked me to try on this blue and pink dress – well the pink was camouflaged under blue organza fabric I guess, certainly a blue see through material which turned the pink silky underskirt into a pinkie sky-blue overall colour effect.

I just loved it - the ribbon around the waist was light blue velvet and the front was smocked through the pink and blue materials. It had the blue material peterpan collar. The sleeves were puff sleeves in this blue material, pulled in around my arms about 4 inches from my shoulders (short sleeves) with the same light blue velvet ribbon – I just loved this dress – I loved all the different textures of the materials, the shininess of the pink satin, the see throughness (transparency) of the blue material (how it changed the pink) and the softness and gentleness of the blue velvet ribbon…. I can feel them know against my cheek.

To my shame I cannot remember the back of the dress at all.  I have no idea about the fastening.

I felt grown up for the first time, a person who appreciated something for itself – it was truly beautiful, - many layers – many textures – the result Beauty.