Sharon R.

Thinking about cloth

My maternal grandmother was a seamstress.  She did alterations for others.  She made identical birthday dresses for my mother and her identical twin every year until they were about 65 years old.

My grandfather made her sewing table and I have it in my sewing room now.  I loved to poke around her sewing machine and work table when I was a kid and look at the tools and bits of cloth.

My grandmother on my dad’s side taught me to make doll clothes on her treadle machine.

My mom sewed as well.  I was in high school when I got my first store-bought dress.  The fashion then was dyed to match skirts and twin sets.

I remember going out to events or going on a date and my mother would be hemming my dress at the very last minute. (Thinking about this brings tears to my eyes.)  I sewed for myself in high school.  I remember a cute little suit that I made from pink mohair with a deep red velvet collar.  I still think my color combination was great.  I made my prom dresses.  

I love color and love discovering color combinations accidentally, something that I had never thought of before.  There is no better feeling than having a clever design idea that turns out to work.