Kay W.

My earliest memories of cloth.  I loved hanging out towels on the clothesline.  I loved the way they felt when taken down after being dried by the sun.

Looking at the clothes on the clothesline was pleasantly visual to me.  I also love the clothesline in Momma Mia, the sheets and beautiful cloth.

Mother made my summer clothes from calico that flour came in.  Flour sacks, small prints.  She also used other fabrics but I was intrigued with flour sacks.

My aunt Minnie, showed me how to thread trace my favorite pair of shorts to make another pair.  I think this is one reason I gravitated to making patterns later in life.  Many moments of love and care from Aunt Minnie.  I had no idea it was a job.

I didn't sew much after 9th grade home etc.  It wasn't until much later in life that I fell into a fabulous job.  I really found fabric working in Opera companies.  Lushous fabrics from high ends fabric stores and fabrics actually woven for a production.  I picked up scraps off the floor and put them away and still have some of the today.  I use them for painting colors that work when I don't know what I want to paint.  I loved the way the fabrics fell, caught the light, just a party for my eyes.

I began my career and was looking for a hobby.  What most people do for hobbies, was my day job and still is.  However, I found a brochure on a class for painting cloth like water color.  I had painted silk and the resist was difficult, so I said, I will try this.  And I still love that class and many years of painting fabric sense.  

My first dress was dictated by home ec class as a final project.  I learned to sew in home ec.  It had to be gray, navy, black and a stripe because I was a big girl.   I found a grey and white striped fabric with a funny back but it fit the bill and I bought it.  My aunt Dolly helped me make it.  What I found out later was the cloth was tablecloth with a felt backing.  I asked Aunt Dolly why she let me make that dress.  She said, "Honey, you had your heart set on sewing that dress and I was not going to get in your way."  I loved my Aunt Dolly as she was always my cheerleader in life.

My love of fabric and texture just got stronger and stronger.   I love sewing and making things from fabric.  Have made industrial show props, soft good animals for shows.  I love fabric sculpting.