Heidi F.

My earliest memory is of an outfit that I had when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was a red and green tartan kilt, which my mother had made. With it went an embroidered top with long sleeves gathered at the cuff. The embroidery was very pretty with green flower stems and mainly red and blue flowers on the front. I was very fascinated by this embroidery and loved looking at it.

However I did not like wearing the ensemble, as my sister who is 5 years younger had an identical outfit and loved wearing it. I did not enjoy wearing skirts and I don't think that I wanted to wear the same as my sister. I have alway liked clothing that stands out from the norm.

I kept a small offcut of the tartan fabric and used it to line a drawer in a little wooden chest where I would keep small treasures. I still have the chest and fabric, my 12 year old daughter now uses it in the same way.