Sandra O.

My memory of cloth

I remember sitting around and with my mother while she made dolls clothes for me.  She had an electric Singer sewing machine with a beautiful rounded wooden lid, which I have today.  It is so heavy.  Mum would lift it onto the dining table where she made what I thought were the most beautifully decorated clothes for my dolls Jeanie and Diana.  We didn’t talk much while she sewed, I just remember how quickly the time flew and the sense of peace, calm and total enjoyment I experienced while with her while she did this.  I didn’t take a lot of notice of detail or technique, rather just how much I enjoyed being with her.  As I reflect on this as an adult, I appreciate so much more the enjoyment I gained from this as I knew how much my mother would have preferred to be out in her garden.  Even though she completed three years of study in tailoring, embroidery and home sewing as a young woman, her garden gave her the greatest joy, and also to all those who received gifts of bounty and beauty from it.  I wonder if she ever knew how much I enjoyed sharing this activity with her?