Pat B.

Recollection of textiles.

My very first recollection of textiles was and still is rather strange.  As a very young child I spent a great deal of time with my Grandparents, things were not all that great at home.   My Grandmother had this wonderful green feather quilt which was called a feather tic.  It always was kept in a sideboard that had the most wonderful smell, sort of a cedar smell but with a spiciness that permeated all the linens and of course this green feather tic.  I always got to sleep under this wonderful soft and warm quilt when I was at Grandma’s house.  Whenever I had a fever or a bad dream, this green feather tic was in the dream draped over the saddle and spindle of a large spinning wheel that made a slow creaking sound.  To this day, the image is so vivid and is probably why I was first drawn to spinning fibre.

My next very vivid recollection of fibre was an outfit my Dad bought me for my fourteenth birthday.  My Mother was furious not only because she felt it was far to grown up for me, but the cost was probably greater then what she would have spent on an outfit for herself.  The skirt was all stitched black, grey and white yarn in a point twill pattern.  The colour moved up the skirt from black to grey and ending at the waist in the most wonderful white wool.   The sweater was black and to top off the outfit, my Dad bought a gold sunburst pin with a pearl in the centre.  Needless to say, I had this outfit for years and treasured it.  To this day I love the movement of the grey scale.

Optional Exercise

I do not remember a favourite room when I was growing up especially not in any home that I have lived in.  My very favourite place was in the barn with my beloved horse.  This was my sanctuary, my retreat from the real world.  Unconditional love, that wonderful smell of fresh hay and horses.  We had a small barn with two horses, one for my sister and the other for myself.  If I was upset, this is where I would retreat and sometimes I can remember falling asleep in the hay loft and not going back to the house until the morning.  Everyone knew where I was so there was not a concern as to my safety.  (drawing is not my forte, so I think I am more of a Grandma Moses style)