Nicky B.

My earliest memory of a piece of cloth are of the curtains in the bedroom I shared with my sister as a child. They were purple with a large light coloured (possibly white?) flower motif (this was the 1970s) and the window they covered faced my single bed.  As a small child I remember that if I woke in the night and stared at the curtains the flowers would morph into faces, usually slightly scary ones (although I was never really frightened). I remember that I would see a witches face in profile with a long, hooked nose. By morning and daylight the faces would have turned back into flowers again.  When I got my own bedroom as a teenager I chose not to have curtains over the high dormer window of my personal sanctuary. I don't know if there was any cause and effect here.

I think Mum must have made the curtains as this was a time when soft furnishings and clothing were homemade as a cheaper option to buying and she has always been a nifty seamstress. They had a nasty nylon, slightly bobbly feel to them as did much of the interior decor of that era including our nasty lavender coloured nylon pillow cases and bedspreads. I am surprised that we never gave ourselves electric shocks getting in to bed.