Judy S.

Childhood Memories

Color, fabrics, textures

The earliest memory of a fabric came to me as in a dream. I was still going down for afternoon naps, so I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4. The image was burned into my brain, perhaps into my soul, so that I recall the pattern of the curtain fabric in a heartbeat 50+ years later. Here is a short essay that describes the memory:

High above my head the silhouetted figures seemed to glow against a backdrop of hot white sand. They wore turbans, carried swords and some rode horses. The colors of the scene were blacks, browns, reds and greens with touches of blue against a solid cream field. Very little blue. Mom did not like blue. Besides the turbans the figures wore loose fitting clothes. The pants looked like skirts. A slight breeze from the open window caused the curtain to ripple a bit, bringing life to the figures on the fabric. It was late afternoon as I snuggled down into the covers of my parent’s bed safe and warm. But I could not fall asleep. It was hard to see clear details as I began to feel drowsy. My mind was off on another adventure - riding a horse in the desert with those warriors.

Reflection: All my life I have had a passion for travel. I began to use a camera at the age of 8 and continue to this day I continue telling stories of far away lands with my images. My travels have taken me all over North America and Europe. Trips to South America include Ecuador and the Galapagos, Peru and Machu Picchu, and Venezuela to the metropolis of Caracas and the smaller city Merida high in the Andes. In 2014 I traveled to Vietnam on my first adventure in Asia. Each trip had a profound effect on me which is to be expected when traveling to unfamiliar places. I learn a lot about myself as I “get outside my comfort zone.” I learned to be resilient and think globally at the early age of 16 on my first trip abroad to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Perhaps the image burned into my soul from early childhood was instrumental in setting the stage for my whole life. And all this has impacted my art making process and sense of a visual aesthetic. 

Who knows. I continue to explore the world as time and money allow. 

Next up: Venice, Italy and the Italian Dolomites in September.

I do not have a saved scrap of that curtain fabric. Here are some images I found in the internet when searching for the text:   “design with Arabian warriors” that bring to mind the graphic design of that fabric.