Jennifer W.

 4-7-16  Early Fabric Memory 

When I was about 4 years old.  The coverlet I had on my bed was a printed patchwork, black stitching details printed on.  Bandana-ish, somehow Americana feeling.  This was the early 1970’s.  Goldenrod yellow, deep strawberry red, cornflower to denim blue, apple green.  No orange, no purple.  And the black printed decoration details—dots and curly que dashes.   Squares and rectangles of color. 

The reason I remember this bedspread was because one night I vividly imagined that a big red rectangular patch -that was positioned right on my chest- was a large, red, crustacean.  My mind called it “lobster”  while I saw it as a large “crab.”  It was terrifying at the time and fascinating the next day as I realized the power of my imagination to bring the red fabric rectangle to life.  And so curious later, the vivid memory of the mis-naming.  

4-9-2-16 Mining for motifs and images

Most salient for me is the being “one notch off” in the label of the name “lobster” for what I saw in my mind’s eye as a crab. That it was a “mistake.”  or a mis-wiring.   I see a picture, visual data, an image with a bold lettered name/label/description that is one notch off or incorrect in some fashion underneath.  Red-yes; claws-yes; crustacean-yes; lobster-no.  I imagine a series or grid or list of these OR flashcard like drawings or prints pinned to the wall, or kept in a box.  Format of learning or drilling.  Other memories of being wrong with language….

Themes:  - being off with language.

- the primacy of images in the brain

- the struggle, the misses, to apply language to the visual   the humor the rules

- the parallel delight in words; their power to create imaginal worlds

- the quiet confidence that the imaginal came first. 

4-10-16  other thoughts

Also interesting: from the bedspread - the idea of printing for the texture of stitches 

I just finished listening to Bird By Bird on audio book — the narrator is delightful!  

I found  diagraming these rooms most interesting in how I quickly indicated the trees outside the windows.  The bird's eye view of the tree; the contrast with the right angles of the floor plans; that they needed to be included--all compelling.