Julia J.

My first cloth or the first cloth that comes to mind. I’ll take the ladder. Why, because I often think of that lime green granny square afghan I made as a child. I must have been 8 or 10 years old. My room was transitioning from hot pink to lime green. A big girls room. Lime green carpet, wall paper I got to pick out myself,  white bookshelves my dad made… a water bed!  I can still visualize my afghan wadded up on my unmade bed. Pumpkin my cat curled up on it. Pink items still all around. Maybe not all around but there. I might still have that afghan in my cedar chest. I’ll check in the morning.

    I think this afghan comes to mind for a couple of reasons… an old picture of it on my bed, making it with my grandmothers, the sense of accomplishment, the quiet time to myself while making it, the way it made me feel; safe. This afghan held a lot of significance in my childhood. Both of my grandmothers taught me how to crochet. They were both so kind and loving. Warm and safe just like my afghan. I don’t remember who bought the yarn for that specific project but I remember having to save my money and save it quick enough so that if I needed more yarn I had to make sure the store would still have the same dye-lot. Isn’t that funny I’ve been searching for the exact right color my whole life.

Hunter Gatherer:

Granny square afghan, Cat, Feeling safe, Feeling warm, yarn, searching and saving for dye-lots, Grandma Cox, Grandma March, Rose butter lotion, oranges

This is the afghan. It’s full bed size with 5” squares.

I put the above picture in Photoshop Elements and decided to alter it using a variety of filters and effects. It printed nicely on fabric and it’s perfect for cutting into smaller strips for quilts.

This one I have incorporated it with a picture of some Madrone bark I took at Oregon Gardens a few years ago.  I made this one in a variety of colors. 

This is the Madrone bark after I edited it and before I layered it with the afghan picture.

 Instead of the Madrone bark I used a picture I took of some moving water at the river along with the afghan picture.  I really like the way this one printed up. I just had to add the hot pink! I even printed this out on silk organza. It came out really nice.

I’ve been thinking about doing another layer on this particular piece, maybe with some ink or paint… hmmm, this is fun!!!

Chapter 1 Part 2


Hmm, a favorite room. My bedroom was special. Although my favorite room was the glass family room. Oh my goodness what a special place that was. One good memory after another. Drawing this room made me realize once again how special my parents were. My mother, artsy, funny, lively. My dad a carpenter, architect, electrician, mechanic… an everything. This room was an add-on that started as a patio and became a second family room atrium style. Goodness my parents were talented. Tons of windows, plants everywhere. I remember parties, girl scout & cub scout gatherings. Tying mistletoe with red ribbon, sorting Girl Scout cookies, making holiday wreaths. Melted toys, arranging flowers, a dead bobcat (still haunts me!). Easter parties, Dixie cup ice cream sundaes, chocolate dipped bananas, sleepovers, wicker furniture, beautiful terra cotta tile. Storing my first furniture items for my first apartment. My first child, Christopher, scooting across the tile floor in his walker with my silky bantam chicken riding on the try eating his cheerios. Wow, this one room has so many good memories. Some moments of sadness thinking about my mom. She’s passed away so many, many years ago. My dad is still as talented and supportive as he’s always been. I had a magical childhood.

Hunter Gatherer:

Birds, Lava rock, plants, girl scouts, Kangaroo mouse, cages, florist, antique stove, antique icebox, mistletoe, red ribbon, parakeets and canaries