Vernon S.

Several of u G have been discussing cloth as a tool for communication.  You will note that on my list are several esoteric topics,.  I'd like to expand that list astrology, I Ching, tarot, and numerous other items as material and tools for creative thinking and making.  The esoteric materials are not about religion but are about transformation and that is what art ultimately is all about.  john Cage, my personal favorite Artist and composer used the I Ching AS A PROMPT TOOL FOR HIS ART AND MUSIC.  HE ALSO DID A SERIES OF COMPOSITIONS HAT WERE BASED ON IMPERFECTIONS IN THE PAPER HE WAS CREATING HIS SCORE ON.  =Now this may all sound silly, but I isn't.  It is wise to use the tools at hand, and explore possibilities that even seem silly.  However, having an open mind doesn't mean having a hold in your head.

You must find your own comfort Zone and then insert material that makes you a little uncomfortable.  If you are only working with ideas that are comfortable, then there will be no growth.  CREATIVITY IS A PROCESS OF TRANSFORMING NOT ONLY THE MEDIA YOU CHOOSE TO WORK WITH, BUT ALSO YOURSELF.

I'm writing this to trigger discussion not only among ourselves, but to make myself ask and try to answer the hard questions.