Jane O. M.

          One of the earliest memories of my garments were my cowboy boots. I absolutely loved them. I was about to enter the 'horse crazy' phase of my life. I also loved roller skating. Those days the roller skates were metal contraptions with curbed hooks that grabbed around each side of the soles of your shoes in the front, and straps that came up over the ankles to hold the heels in place. It was really hard to get them adjusted to just the right length (there were two parts with a bolt to lock the position), and get the hooks cranked with a key to just the right width. Once everything was in place then you could probably get in 15 minutes of skating before one came loose. For some reason I insisted on strapping them onto my beloved cowboy boots. That worked just fine except it often made a knee lock up, and I would go down and couldn't move because it hurt too much. One of my parents had to come lift me up gently until my knee unlocked and I could skate off again. I wish I knew why I wouldn't use my regular shoes, and I wish I could thank my parents for their patience. I do remember Mother saying, every time, that I should use my shoes and that I had a hard head.