Darlynn E.

Exercise #1

My First Cloth Memory

                I can’t ever remember a time when I did not have access to cloth scraps. My mother sewed all our clothes when I was little and my older sister soon followed suit. I used to sit by the Singer Treddlemachine watching them work and being enthralled with what they were making. To keep me happy, and possibly quiet, my mother gave me the extra scraps of cloth to create clothes for my dolls. I was the proud owner of a toy Singer machine that actually sewed. It was small and clamped to the table to keep it stable. I would lay my dolls on the fabric, measure their body circumference and cut the fabric large enough to create a dress. It was during this time my mother taught me how to sew on a button and snaps so that I could have some kind of closure for my creations.

                My mother had to go to work when I was nine andno longer made our clothes so I was probably about seven years old when this occurred.   By the time I was eleven I had learned to operate the treddle machine and was on the way to making my own clothes. My inspiration was certainly my mother and my sister because they were already creatingWearable Art in the 50’s. My mother used to decorate our clothing with embroidery, sometimes our names on our collars, or add some type of embellishment such as little Nosegays.

                By the time I was in high school and college I made almost all of my clothing. When my children were little I continued sewing clothing for them. It was my creative outlet.  To this day going into a fabric shop is still one of my favorite things to do. 

My Favorite Room

                As a child my favorite room was my bedroom. It was the bedroom I acquired when my sisters grew up, married and left the house. For the first time I had a room to myself. That meant I could paint it any color I wanted, pick out any curtains and bedspread, and decorate it in and way that was pleasing to my personality.

                The room had a set of double windows on one side, and two single windows on the other so it had plenty of light which was a must for me. I painted the walls lavender and hung lacy curtains of pure white. The baseboards and crown molding were painted white which accented the wood floors. The light in the room uplifted me and the color soothed me. I spent many troubled teen years in that room.

                Ironically, years later when I was going through a troubled time, I painted my bedroom periwinkle with white curtains and a white lacy bedspread. I never thought about the correlation until just now when I was writing about it.

                Purple is still my go to color. I use it in a lot of my quilts as both an accent and focal point. When my grandchildren ask me “Grandma, what is your favorite color,”  I always say “purple”. Now I know why.