Kris L.

I love this assignment. My first memory of a childhood garment that meant a lot to me is from my grandma and grandpa Keenan, my mother parents.  They traveled quite a bit during my childhood, and on one of their return trips they brought me a kilt from Scotland. I was only in the first grade but I thought I was the fashion diva on the playground. I remember swinging on the monkey bars in my kilt, doing twirlies, jumping rope, nothing would stop me from feeling like a queen, especially with thebronze pin that had yellow stones attached.

The material was wool which I cannot even wear today but as a child nothing would stop me from wearing the most beautiful kilt in the world.  You are probably going to ask me if I still have my kilt and the answer is yes I do. It is neatly put away, and until this assignment, I havent even thought of it for a very long time.

So, down memory lane we go... I was young, so young, but I know that I felt loved by my grandma and grandpa and Ihad the best time at school playing on the playground wearing my scottish kilt from Scotland....

I was the playgound diva! :-)