Jane M.


The kitchen was a favourite room of mine. It was where we shared lots of meals and cooked together. It was the heart of the house. It wasn't so large , in fact quite compact, running down the side of the house with a back door opening into the garden.  

The table was pine and had two benches as there was a not sufficient room for chairs. There were always serviettes in serviette strings on the end of the table and on the window sill we kept the place mats. Opposite the table was. the gas boiler , fitted in an old chimney breast . It was a good place to dry socks.

The kitchen itself was on both sides of the room , with a cooker and a sink on one side. There was a hatch on the other side through to the dining room. How old fashioned that seems now. Towards the end of the kitchen I think there was a drying rack , and there must have been a washing machine , but I am not sure where it was.  

A lot of cooking went on in this kitchen , from roast Sunday lunch , to making marmalade. My mother had a battered old chip pan and made lovely homemade chips. I guess it where I learnt a lot about cooking and I know it's where I taught my mother to make spaghetti bolangese. It was also the place all my friends came for coffee at lunchtime when we were in the sixth form.

When I think back I can remember the approximate layout , but not the colours or where anything was kept.  

It has fond memories I think because of the people and the cooking.