Michele K.

I tried to remember a first cloth in my memory. But in fact what came to my mind was photographs of myself when I was a child, wearing this or that. I could’nt remember a cloth directly, something that I loved or hated to wear.

So I kept thinking. And now I can remember some moments of my childhood with a connection with clothes.

I remember that, during the hollidays, I was allowed to wear shorts, it is linked for me with summer and the fact that we were not allowed to stay in bed after 8 o clock . I had red slippers that I loved. One day, I forgot to put on my shoes and went on to school with my slippers on. When I realised, it was too late to go back home, and I was torn between the idea to be late and the shame of wearing my slippers at school. It was terrible. I went to school. I don’t remember if they laughed at me.

I remember some evenings at home : I was very young, maybe 4. At that time my parents had a tv and it was still very rare. Sometimes, I was allowed to stay later with them if they were watching some program.  And I would go underneath the table to lye down, near the dog who was already there, asleep. The carpet was of a creamy colour, with brown motifs on each side. It had lovely fringes and I loved to make braids with it. That was not allowed and I was doing it when my mother was at work . Very vaguely, I remembermy father taking me in his arms to bring me to bed. Lots of people don’t like the smell of dogs. I always had dogs and love their smell. Maybe all that is linked ?