Lesson One: Part Two - Jaslynn P.

My favorite room growing up was my bedroom, sort of..  It's kinda hard for most people to understand but I never really liked my childhood home. It was a very controlled environment to say the least. I was never really aloud to hang pictures or pick any of my own things in my bedroom, never aloud to express myself, but none the less it was my room, sort of.. I shared it with my grandma, and I remember her always praying with a rosary before bed and in the morning.         Her rosaries were so cool and I would wear them as necklaces until she told me that was considered a sin (hmm).  I asked for one of her rosaries when she passed in 2010 and guess what, my three year old wears it as a necklace sometimes and that's completely ok with me. I also remember this huge statue of the blessed mother with tears in her eyes and a snake at her feet. It was kinda weird but I included her in when I played with my barbies and stuffed animals sometimes. We were poor back then so the nasty yellow/green carpet was literally rotting around the edges, the walls were fake brown panel and the twin bedspreads were a hideous pale orange. I remember looking out my window a lot and observing all the other houses and their style and designs. The room was remodeled when I was 14 to a much better version of itself but I can still remember the old bedroom very vividly and without any regret. 

We recently built a new home and I designed everything from ground up. I hold back nothing in the interiors and express everything about myself and family, and I love doing it! :)