Lesson One - Jaslynn P.

          My very first memory of cloth or fabric would be the old worn down brown and white demask print fabric from my childhood couch. I loved that fancy silk print that seemed to flicker between light and dark colors depending on where you stood.  The slight wear and tear of the fabric added even more originality to its character. Some areas were so worn that I could see through to the bright orange foam under the grid stitching. This couch with its unforgettable fabric wasn't just a couch, it was pure magic for a imaginative five year old little girl. This couch was my spaceship, my time machine and my magic carpet ride. There was endless possibilities of wild imagination and extreme fun for me, maybe even an escape. I remember that I always had to find my own fun as a child and believe me I found it!  The fabric was always cool to the touch and so smooth like cream. I would literally roll from one side to the other and pretend I was swimming in the deep ocean with sea lions or whatever stuffed animal that was my playmate for the day. Large brown demask print was the coolest design I had ever seen before. The brown velvet prints felt like a little fuzzy pet that could change tones against certain lighting. Giant flaps at the bottom of the couch added the perfect touch for hiding my secret treasures of the day. Whether the treasures would be leafs, robin egg shells, or rocks that I found outside sure enough they would soon be hidden under my couch. My favorite thing to do was to pull those huge cushions off and prop those babies up into a hut so that I could run as fast as I could and jump onto them like floating clouds that I was chasing. As I think back even deeper, I remember playing on the couch during the hot summer days and the warm breeze blowing in from the open windows, the coolness of the silky fabric on my skin made me feel comforted  and  calm and is still ingrained in my memory as a good feeling. 

This couch is my first memory of fabric because it was a very cool and unique piece of material in comparison to anything else I ever had seen at the point in my young life. The creative fabric inspired me to engage with its versatility and explore. I could identify with everything about it. It was definitely a great sensory tool for a five year old child that had to use her imagination for entertainment. 

  I  realized during this assignment that I recently bought two huge pillows that reminds me a lot of the fabric that was on the old couch growing up. And I still absolutely love demask print and material to this day.