Lesson One - Rita H.

Favorite Room Memory

I grew up in the same house in New Jersey where my parents lived for 40 years.  I had my own room with two twin beds, two dressers, a desk and closet all to myself.  My dolls lived on my beds.  I loved my dolls and took good care of them.  Everything from Barbie (Confession: I still have her), Tiny Tears, Troll dolls, little Princess, and Patty Playpal who was as big as I was at age 4, among others.  I loved changing their clothes, which at that time were very nicely made, beautiful textures, colors, materials with real zippers and snaps.

My mother was quite innovative at the time as she wallpapered two of the walls with two different papers.  One was large graphic flowers, and the other was a stripe in the same color way.  My bedspreads matched, again lots of color and pattern.  The big detail was Blue Ball Fringe, everywhere.  On my lampshade on my nightstand, and on the curtains on the three windows.  Three white valances with ball fringe, and three sets of matching café curtains with more fringe. Tres chic.

This was a sanctuary for me, and I spent a lot of time there.  I loved my desk to do homework, and I read tons and tons of books there.  My view was the front of the house so I got to see what was going on in the neighborhood, and was alerted when there were kids out to play with.  I remember the smell of dinner as it wafted up the stairs.  I owned lots of paper, and crayons and was always fooling around creating some thing or another.

It was so nice to have that extra bed so I could have friends for a sleep over. Giggling until Mon or Dad had to poke their heads in and shhhh us. When my Grandmother came to visit she slept with me.  That was a different story, she had false teeth and it scared me to death when she took them out and soaked them on my dresser.  She also always wore her hair rolled up in the back, but at night she took it down and braided it in a braid to her waist!

Happy memories of my room, I see now that all the colors and patterns probably launched me on my interest in textiles in the future.  I was a happy kid.  Writing about this now makes me feel grateful for what I had.  Later on life was not so happy, but it is really nice to remember this time so long ago. And appreciate what my parents did for me.