Lesson One - Alicia C.

          When I read the assignment to write about a favorite piece of clothing, I immediately remembered this picture of me (the tall one) and my cousin Lorraine in this dress that was made by my mom.  I don’t remember the occasion and really just remember my mom always telling me that she learned how to sew when I was a very young child because I was so chubby that it was difficult to find clothing for me so my childhood was filled with frilly dresses made by mom. 

          Who, by the way, went on to open a bridal shop and had quite a business where she sold everything from the gowns, to flowers, favors and even became a justice of the peace where she married couples as well as became a photographer so she could take the pictures.

           There is also something else I want to share of my story, when I read the assignment and remembered this picture, I was not sure if I still had the picture, primarily because I keep all my pictures in a box and although in the last couple of years, I had thought often of opening the box and looking through the pictures, I could not bring myself because of the personal losses I have suffered in the last couple of years. I did open the box last night looking for this picture and through laughter and tears enjoyed thinking of so many memories with family and friends and lo and behold found the picture that I wanted to share with you.