Lesson One - Pat N.

First Cloth In My Memory

          I was 9 or 10 when I found my Mother’s scrap fabric box in the front attic of our house and I had just gotten a Barbie doll. There was no extra money for new doll clothes so I decided I could hand stitch my own. My Mom sewed all the time so there was lots of fabric to choose from. She gave me access to the box and I was a very happy little girl. I spent hours picking thru the fabrics. When I made my choices, I took everything to the enclosed front porch and stitched garment after garment for that doll. I have many happy memories of that porch.

          I also remember the first garment I made out of a hounds tooth check wool. Learning to make thread tailor tacks was boring and I soon figured out another, easier way to mark. The best memory of this garment was the seams all matching even at the zipper insertion.