Lesson One - Robin F.

          While reading over the first lesson I knew that this would would a little intimidating for me. The written word is not the easiest way to for me to express myself, but I have. put my big girl panties on & forged ahead, after all this is one of the reasons I am taking this course. to learn how to journal & use it in my art. I have just read Wendy’s piece about the red plaid shirt, it was lovely & invoked a memory in me. We too moved around a lot when I was growing up, my Dad was in the military. The summer I was 12 we had moved one more time, away from all of my friends. I only had my brothers & sisters(I am the oldest of 5) to hang around with. We were playing outside, I fell & broke my arm. My favourite outfit at the time was a dark blue one piece gym strip, you know the one, short sleeves, bloomer shorts, self belted. I spent the summer in that thing along with a cast on my arm, I was a vision of fashion or so I thought. I haven’t thought about that time in my like for a very long time & remembering now it all seems like such an innocent time. We always had lots of fun & never seemed to get up to any trouble. I still to this day have favorite things that I like to wear until they are threadbare.