Lesson One - Rita H.

Earliest memory of favorite clothing – I was around 4 years old, very active, imaginative child, loved to play outside.  My Mom would dress me in the morning, say in the summer, in the cutest outfits consisting of a sleeveless, collard, button front top and matching pull up shorts. I would feel so good in those little outfits, but I would head out and by the lunchtime I was a happy mess, dirty, scraped up perhaps.  I would get scolded for “ruining my outfit”, Mom would clean me up, and put me in another one for the afternoon.  Needless to say the same thing would happen by the time I cam in for dinner. (those were the days when you could be gone all day and your parents were glad you were out! – and didn’t worry where you were.) 

The outfits were cotton, two I distinctly remember.  Small prints, one had kitty faces all over on a black background, the other had little blue and red sailboats on a white background. Just so comfortable and an instant dress up feel. I loved the patterns, it felt so good to have those kitty faces all over me.

Writing about this is bringing back how much of a perfectionist my Mom was, to her dying day really.  She couldn’t stand for me to be messy, even as a kid. I have lived my life trying to be perfect that way, and when I fail, I fail big time.  Now I am disorganized, always trying to catch up, with all our moves I am tired of still unpacking and trying to find places for stuff.  Hopefully thinking about all this will help me really let go.