Jane M.

This is my plan to carry forward with me from the class:

1. Continue showing up in my studio in the mornings

2. Cultivate joy in the creative process

3. Develop a good relationship with my fears

4. Be fruitful, not perfect

5. Encourage myself to reveal myself in my art

6. Embrace forgiveness

7. Be with others to share, give, take, learn

While I've not been organized enough to share very much, and the last few weeks I fell serious behind, I've steadily worked my way through the assignments and now completed them. I've seen great improvement in myself, and my work, and I appreciate the opportunity to take this course. I think the things I've learned and processed will continue to hold me onto a good creative path, probably growing even stronger over time. Thank you, Jane Dunnewold!

This is a monoprint made on a gel plate, of my take on ancient cave art. It is fused to a canvas board, 5x7 inches.