Kerstin E.

The future

These past 10 weeks have been a adventurous journey inside myself. I have taken the time to reflect over what is the purpose of my creative side and how to handle it. 

I have come to the following conclusions for the future. 

- Stop procrastinating - I often think more or spend more time on internet than doing things. This has to change. I shall try to make more and think about it less.

- Accept my different interests - I have a love for yarn and weaving which was reborn when a second hand loom came my way during this course. As always when something is fresh the new love can seem to be number one. But I know that my love for pen and paper is equally strong. So I must accept that I have different interests - could call myself mixed media artist :-)

- Keep writing - Earlier I have tried to keep ideas in my head. That has not been so good, many thoughts have been forgotten. So to work with writing things down has changed a lot. This is a habit I want to maintain.

- Be proud - The feeling that everyone else is much better can be devastating. I shall be proud of what I do. 

- Time is limited - With a full time job I must TAKE time for MYSELF. But I will not set goals as to do artistic work for a certain time each day. I know that such an ambitious will not be possible to fulfill every day and then it will be stressful instead. So I will note which days I have been able to have some ME-time, try to expand that time but not "punish" myself when other important things get in the way. Be positive to the time I get, instead of whining about time not gotten.

Finally a message to you Jane. These 10 weeks have been powerful. I have started on a number of e-courses but never before been successful in make it all from the start to the end. Maybe this tells more about this course than about me. I am very thankful for the path it has lead me into. THANK YOU.

And a picture of my new loom to finish (or rather start) with.