Heidi F.

To Jane

First a huge thank you for running this course. I believe in fate and I found this at the right time. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey, which is, I hope the start of the next chapter. I have found the thread again and started the rollercoaster ride. The future is uncertain as I am about to leave my dayjob and need to find a new path. However that looks like, it will involve creativity, I love creating and also being involved with other artists, advising others on starting up was the only thing that I enjoyed about my job.

My strategy is

I am going to keep showing up. I will find pockets of time every day to work creatively,  I love the short bursts of surface decorating with beads and embroidery that I can do anytime anywhere, with Kaos (my dog) by my side.

I will keep at it, getting better at practicing what I am good at and continue to explore my curiosity and develop techniques and exploring new materials. 

I am seeking out other creatives/artist groups around me. 

I will find a workshop/short course in textiles or felting that suits me and will allow me to further develop my skillset. My goal is to get a dedicated studio in the garden, where I can leave work out and get space to think and create freely.

I need creativity in my life, so will persevere. For now I am creating for myself, going with the flow, I have learnt to embrace bigger. I am working towards getting enough stuff together to "get it out there", whether that is via online selling, galleries, fairs etc, hopefully a combination. I am also planning to take part in next year's Bucks open studios, a 2 week period where artist all over Buckinghamshire open their studios for members of the public, currently the biggest in the country. Time to embrace my artist self.

I started this a couple a weeks ago, still in progress. Inspired from a photograph taken in Cornwall, UK.