Carol H.

I have learned so many important things during this course and firstly I just want to say an enormous thank you to Jane (and to Zenna too) for this extraordinary experience with the penetrating weekly essays and a safe place to post.   Also thank you to all the contributors for sharing (often very moving pieces) in the Open Studio.   It has shown how unique we all are and yet how many things we have in common.   So much of what has been expressed has resonated with me.

Secondly, on to the Strategy……


My specific intentions:


Do something in the studio every day, however little.

Keep writing. This has been such a powerful thing for me during the course and I will definitely continue with it.  Not only for my creative work but also for other ‘life’ situations.   I find it so amazing how a stream of consciousness can work on you and help you resolve something or come up with an idea.

Delve deeper back into my early years which I found so enriching and helpful in Week 1.

Continue sorting out my studio and getting rid of things.   I am doing this slowly so that it doesn’t completely take over. I’d like to do this generally in my life as well. Pare down and simplify everything.

Make time and take time with my future projects.   I have several lined up with reference material and ideas almost ready to go. I have index cards with the ideas and notes written on them and boxes for the reference materials etc for each. The first new project I plan to work on is one for which I have already dyed enough gradated yarns to make samples and I’m really excited to see what will happen. This will be the start of a new series.

Follow the thread which has always been there.  I need to keep creating. This is a non-negotiable part of my life.