Sarah D.

My strategy to help me keep engaged and moving forward with my creative work:

1. On a weekly basis (or more often if appropriate) write about my ideas, how my work is developing, how I feel about my work, whether I feel connected and aligned, if not why and what I can do to get myself realigned

2. Touch base everyday with my work, even if it is just for 20 mins. Sustained working at least twice a week or more if you can. A few hours during the weekend and one evening a week. School holidays approaching - to be revised. 

3. List of tasks to do each week (flexible, use as a starting point) e.g editing, painting backgrounds. List to be done at the weekend.

4. Share your work and the beauty you see in the environments your work is about. Deadline for first collection November 2016. Exhibit work in Open Houses at Xmas or a local gallery. Show work at school. Update website.

5. Help to inspire others to be creative and to be confident about their creativity and work. Share with pupils. Talks at school.