Sandra O.

Where to from here

Jane, I know it was evident that I struggled with a number of the requirements in this workshop right from the beginning.  When we started I was attending a live-in week long workshop interstate and shortly after returning home had house guests for a week.  I was expecting to receive clear strategies I could employ to strengthen my artistic resolve, and so when told to not make the bed and leave the dishes, which I saw as token strategies, clean out my studio which I had done extensively not long ago, and make extended squares, I felt deflated and disappointed and somewhat annoyed at what I felt was a waste of time.

However, I read everything,did a lot of thinking, and borrowed from the library the books on the reading list.

As we tumbled head long through the mid weeks, I wrote up my lists and started on my life story.  I’m so pleased that I persevered.  I have identified passages and influences through my life and events, which may have seemed to have a negative effect at the time they happened, that have ultimately shaped and strengthened me.  I feel stronger and more confident.

My specific intentions are:

² to continue to develop my voice, my art practice.  Apart from workshops which I’ve registered for, participation in my group exhibitions coming up in the next two years is one of the strongest incentives and directives as I make work to fit with themes and group expectations

² to develop myself in my networking, that is not just to be with others but to promote my work and my skills better

² to develop a social media format.  I joined Facebook to read about other textile artists and their art, not what they had for dinner.  I want to develop my presentation portraying my textile art

² to enter/apply for exhibitions, such as OzQuilt Network and SAQA.

In order to achieve these and maintain all the other beautiful parts of my life, I must work more quickly and more spontaneously than I do, and go with my gut reaction more.

I have found on-line learning less satisfying than face-to-face.   You participate and share but you don’t really get to know anybody.  I find it more of a malnourished way of connecting and learning than when you can look at someone and ask “what do you really mean when you say that?”

But I want to say thank you Jane for all that you have given, your planned instruction and your perceptive responses to my writings.  Thank you also to Zenna.  May you both go well.

With my warmest regards, Sandra