Pauline C.

For the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with eco dyeing and I've attached a couple of the pieces I have dyed.  Not at all the colour palette I would normally be attracted to but I rather like the subtlety of these hues and the patterns and lines.  In these 2 pieces I've used Lemon Myrtle,

Eucalypt and Cinnerea leaves with an Alum mordant.  

My Strategy:

- Have a plan, one that is well thought out and well documented. Don't just rely on photographs and a few rough sketches.

- Write everything down.  Carry a journal, make lots of notes.  I'm discovering that this really does

   make a difference in the planning process.

- Practice patience while creating.

- Continue to expand my textile repertoire.

- Finish cleaning out the studio.

Kind regards