Paula K.

Strategy for strengthening and continuing progress made during CST.

 Work through CST workshop notes again. Work on areas that you didn’t focus properly on during last 10 weeks.

 Continue to write .. and read:

When stuck in a black hole/need inspiration – read/re-read - Jane’s workshop notes, Anne Lamott, Caroline Myss etc, anything you find inspirational, that will keep you on track at that moment.

 Write at least every other day even if just 300 words (of anything). Think Anne Lamott, Julia Cameron. And draw?

 Review skills set lists. Prioritise what you want to get better at initially, then turn to new skills you want to learn. Identify sources of tuition/training. Sign up (for a limited number at any one time).

 So can do these things pretty immediately:

Join the Embroiderers’ Guild and attend local meetings, starting with next one (June or July?) OR teach yourself more stitches from books.

Enrol on a machine stitching course at Rachel’s studio in town.

Find a drawing class (online?)

Order more dyes and experiment further with acid dyeing/printing.

 Diarise making/thinking time. Treat it as non-negotiable. Set alarm earlier a few mornings a week, book quiet evenings away from the TV and making days at studio. Put them on the calendar/in the diary –treat as ‘work’, they’re non-negotiable (except in extremis!)

 Keep the three ‘history/process/content’ paras close, review the middle two regularly. Write an artist’s statement - for now, to enable you to talk more comfortably about what you do now. Revisit regularly.

 Have a list of content/ideas you can turn to in arid periods. Think back to week 4.

 Focus on one particular area of feltmaking (ie making forms or mosaic technique etc) and get really good at it and better at keeping records.


 For me to remember: Be joyful. Not so serious. It’s fun, a gift to be creative. Revel in it. Don’t give up.

The photo is of two pieces I’ve made during the last three weeks. The smaller one’s called ‘Spring’, the larger ‘Summer’ - reflecting a garden that’s abundant and full of colour. Some fun! The photo isn’t great - excuse the un-ironed sheet background too! (Improving my photographic skills should probably go on my 'to learn' list!)

Thank you Jane for sharing the CST programme over these last ten weeks - I’ve not always fully engaged, being a slow learner, but I’ve found it powerful and it has moved me on. I’m going to revisit it and try to ensure that it continues to drive me forward. Thank you too to you all for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Best wishes to you all. Paula