Meegan M.

Strategy for strengthening and continuing my progress as an artist:

Honor the omnipresent creative thread that is so familiar to me, in these ways:

  • make it a priority to work at home or in the studio a minimum of 15-20 hours/week
  • do not wait for “other things” to be done before prioritizing this time
  • if it’s just percolation time, then capture thoughts and visions in a sketchbook
  • over the next month, revisit the parts of the CST journey that were not fully completed and complete them
  • seek inspiration online, in books, through gallery and museum visits, by attending artist talks
  • prepare a portfolio of your work for your critique with Jane in Seattle in August; you have two months to both document and initiate new projects
  • get up in the morning a little earlier (sleepy dreamtime girl) to get going and accomplish more
  • take advantage more of evening time for the small, repetitive parts of the creative process
  • hone a more well-defined strategy as you begin again to work, one that truly brings you joy and more of a sense of freedomthan obligation
  • keep adding to this list!

My project of the moment revolves around a Guatemalan huipil that I purchased in 1970, that I wore and loved to death. And it was already an heirloom. In November of 2015, I returned to Guatemala and purchased a beautiful handmade belt in the Solola market. When I got home, I could see that the colors and geometry and some of the symbolism were very much the same (each village having its unique visual cultural identity). I have just completed weaving 9 yards of new base cloth to create a full-length ceremonial garment for myself. Part of my creative strategy? To out myself on this and hopefully present a completed project to Jane in August! I forgot to add that DEADLINES are my friend when it comes to marching things along. 

Lastly, I would like to express how incredibly grateful I am to Jane for her wise and wonderful ways of coaching us all along, and for the many gifts of this well-designed program that I can palpably feel in myself. These gifts shared with such commitment and faithfulness. And to Zenna, my thanks for her sprightly management of all the pieces and all of us. To both of them for their immediate, light-hearted encouragement in response to the occasional “oh dear!” message that I would send privately. And to my fellow creatives, for showing up in all the ways that you did. I’m grateful that we will have access to an archive of our work together, as I know that, too, will help me on this journey.

Heartfelt thanks to all!