Mary D.

Intentional strategy

Attempting to write my story just stalled when I got to the most painful event of my life so far.  This was the passing away of my son at Christmas 2014.  I could not include it or ignore it as the grief has been and still is all consuming. I did read your advice Jenna about working creatively through mourning and grief, but I am still feeling uncertain that I can manage it, but I also know that my survival may depend on me being creative and working.

  • I have discovered through this course that what I want most is to create work that satisfies me and not to worry about whether there is a market for it or not.
  • I will make work in a series and maybe consider using what I discover on my walks as part of this series. 
  • I have wanted to work jointly with my daughter on a celtic legend art quilt.  The story is native to our area and has lots of opportunity to develop into 3D work as well as a long held dream of creating a textile installation piece.  This may not happen straight away as she is also grieving the loss of her only brother, but I want then to submit it for consideration by the Festival of quilts in England.
  • I will establish a habit of writing to evaluate the work I do and also just to keep my ideas flowing.
  • Last but not least, I will return to the de cluttering of my studio…..eventually!