Julie S.

My intentions are thus;

  • To complete my statement. This has been really hard for me for many reasons. Looking into my past and remembering things has been hard. But also as somebody said, the past can also be the Committee and this needs addressing. It is my intention to complete this by the end of July before I go on my summer holiday.
  • Look back over my sketchbooks and ideas and write about what I’m seeing. This will identify once and for all my authentic voice. I think I know what it is, but I feel I’ve moved away from a lot of my thinking over the years, to the detriment of myself.
  • Illustrate, illustrate, illustrate. I have many stories and ideas about mundane things to do with cats and chickens and dogs. Use these.
  • Stop pretending I don’t know how to cost out what I’m doing and just get on with it. This includes finalising details on how to be a self-employed community artist. There are many opportunities around and I don’t feel I’m giving myself the chance to realistically tender for these.

I seemed to have disengaged with the process at week 8. The history part was a struggle and I questioned why I was not doing it. This questioning was also me distracting myself from the doing.

I have found that realisation and knowledge don’t have to come in those Eureka moments. Understanding often sneaks in quietly and reveals itself when I least expect it. I just have to be around to take advantage.

I feel truly blessed to have taken this journey with everybody here. Thank you.