Ginny G.


I want to continue:

  • Making bed quilts for family and friends;
  • Bed-size quilts for charity;
  • Wall hangings for friends and family;
  • Creative quilts that come from my being for me (and special people in my life);
    • Commemorating events, travel, etc.;
  • Making personal splendor to feed my heart and soul;
  • Creating pieces as I listen to spirit.

I intend to spend some time in my studios (really just 3 rooms in the house:  one with my design computer, one with my long-arm quilting frame and the third with my sewing machines, supplies, cutting table and design wall) almost every day that I am at home for at least 15-30 minutes.  To spend at least 3 half or full days in the studio working.

I intend to mostly use supplies that I already own including commercial fabric and my own dyed, surface designed fabric; threads, embellishments (when called for, which probably won’t be very often.  Maybe it is time to start finding new homes for the beads, etc.)  And to use photographs taken by my husband or myself in some of the work—either printing on fabric, or using the colors, layout, subject, and references brought to my mind.

I intend to use writing/journaling to more fully understand what, how and where I am going with an existing project or a new one.  (And my life too!)

And finally to continue to redistribute supplies and books that I no longer use.