Cleo C.

My Strategies for Progress

            These six strategies are the ones I will do my utmost to adopt in order to nurture and strengthen not only my own artist spirit, but also to try to pass on some of the joy and contentment I experience by being a ‘creator’..  

            Now that I am convinced that my creative efforts are worthwhile and necessary, I am going to seriously explore the possibility of dedicating and organizing a much larger work area which will give me more room and comfort to dream, plan and make art.

            I will do my best to ‘show up’ everyday for at least three or four hours to make sure that the ‘thread’ remains strong and unbroken.

            I am going to make more use of sketching and photography as means of recording ideas for future artwork.

            I am planning to write ’legacy letters’ for my children and grand children incorporating some of the events which I have recovered about myself in doing course writings, that have contributed, and will continue to keep my artistic spirit alive.

            I want to continue writing, as I think that the revelations, clarity and connections that emerge as a result of writing, can be helpful in strengthening the resolve to keep on track and to continue ‘showing up.’

            During the summer I am going to organize a small class, in basic hand sewing and embroidery for just three or four of the seven to eight year old girls in the neighbourhood who have shown interest in what I do.   According to how that goes, I will extend it to include some simple adventures with cloth and colour and keep similar happenings on the agenda for the future.  

 “Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.”     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin