Sammy C.

Week Ten – Intentional strategy

I have learned so much in these past ten weeks. It is my intentional strategy to engage the inner rebel, to still the voice of my committee, to understand what alignment is for me, to speak out my history, process and content and finally to keep on doing it. I understand now that life will continue to step in the way of my art and it is only because I allow it to change my direction or distort my focus that I stop doing it. Sometimes it is necessary and okay to be distracted but it is important that I recognize the difference between those times and the times when I am stepping out of alignment. I recognize the colours of my pallet now, it consists of those colours that speak to me most and I intend to work exclusively using this pallet for a while to see what unfolds. Too long I have stood in the shadow of compliance and that ends now and life as a full-time artist begins.

Work under construction:

Composition 5 – Still life of a leather boot and woven rainbow belt is a reflection of me, a country girl who has hardened like the leather of the old boot over time and lived under a great shadow, signifying oppression of creative expression. Creativity lives within the tightly rolled belt gently resting against the boot and waiting to unravel and reveal it rainbow of colours.

Stage 1 – drawing of still life.