Michaela M.

My Strategy for Going Forward

  • To finish de-cluttering and organising my studio so it is an easier space to work in with all the tools and materials I need available.
  • To stop procrastinating and to spend time in my studio working.  At least 10 hours per week and at least 30 minutes each day I am home
  • To continue to write down my ideas and thoughts regarding my art rather than let them rattle around in my head
  • To realise that sometimes it is enough just to be making my art and not to worry about why I'm doing it or who or what it is for
  • To continue to develop the ideas I have to combine print, paper, fabric and ephemera into meaningful (at least to me) pieces
  • To sometimes say No to invitations that distract me (although I'm still struggling with this!)

This is a piece of work I have just finished which I feel is finally taking my work in the direction I want it to go (although this is a bit twee for my liking!), although I am still a long way off what I think I am trying to achieve.  I am feeling excited and positive about pursuing this and hope to take it a lot further.