Maureen M.

What have I learnt about myself these past 10 weeks?

I am a hard worker, I want to help everyone and don’t leave enough time for myself.

I also learnt that what I do in my Art is worthwhile if only to me. I need to create to be happy, but I must create for myself doing what I love, not doing work others want.

I have finally discovered an art form I love and is also original. Eco-dyeing fabric with my own leaves etc, hand stitching doing small projects. Also I need to let the pieces grow in their own time, not rush to the finish, enjoy every step. I do feel better about what I do I love what I am making even if it is only baby steps so far.


  • Do a series of small hand stitched works based on trees.
  • Work in the studio each day even if it is only 15 mins.
  • Drop out of art group, their focus is not in line with where I want to  be.
  • When I have enough pieces look for an opportunity to show them (local library?)
  • When people ask what I do say “I am an Artist”, if they want more say “I work with fibers”.