Cheryl C.


MY INTENTION after 10 weeks of CST is to relish the gift and the journey of creating with fabric and fiber.

GOALS (putting desire into action) that flow out of that intention (at least for now) are to: 

1. Write:  at least 5 days a week for the purpose of continuing to re-visit my own distinctiveness, feelings and progress re my art making and art journey.

2.  Time in Studio and Making Art:  at least 25 hrs/week when home without company.  When traveling take my camera, sketch book, and small handwork pieces.  Also always have a handwork piece available to work on in the evenings in case I choose to do so.  

3.  Primary Focus of My Work:  Improvisational Piecing w the goal of at least 4 large designs per year that I consider good enough to spend the time machine quilting.  Large means a minimum of 60” on the smaller side.  Smaller designs (sketches) will be made to study and lead up to the larger designs.  The smaller designs can be keepers or not.  Concentration to be on line and shape while considering additional art principles and elements.  Work in a series so there is a cohesiveness to my work.  

4.  Develop a written evaluation check list and Do my own written evaluation of each small and large piece using my check list.  Write down and Speak to myself re small, purposeful ways to improve.  Consider sharing my evaluations with my mini art group,  This sharing may or may not be successful.  If not just keep it to myself or find another person I trust and value their opinion with whom to share.

5.  Secondary Focus:  Continue learning and playing w surface design as a vacation from my primary focus and a place to grow, learn and be messy.  Allow myself at least one day a month to do this.  See where this goes.  Perhaps it will become my primary focus in the future.  I am concerned that this work has become “willy nilly” and that I am not getting any better at surface design.  Consider taking a surface design workshop from a pro who is also a fabulous teacher.  

6.  Continue to plug in the blanks of this formula for my Voice:  Voice=Technique + Content + Format + Color

June 20, 2016