Pat B.

My Strategy:

I have three looms warped and some woven on two of them.  My goal for this month is to have these looms cleared and ready for the next project (s).

I have put off making a coat for a gentleman who asked me over a year ago to do this. I was always hesitant because of lack of confidence to even get started.  Now I am prepared to delve into this with enthusiasm.

The installation piece I am working on has progressed to the point where my experimentation is complete, just waiting for the collaborating artist to finish his part then I can begin sewing and dying of the fabric strips.  This must be completed by September 1st.

I am seriously contemplating the Mastery Program in 2017.  This will be the culmination of my studies.  Completion of anything I start is very important to me so careful consideration of my obligations over a two and a half year period needs to be looked at as well as finances.  I have always wanted to participate in this Mastery course but I allowed something to always get in the way, not anymore, now is the time for me.   I found this quote, author unknown, but I just love it.  “Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”